Wedding & Private Event Catering.

At the North Byron Hotel Hotel Liquor Merchants, we specialise in liquor catering for off-site weddings and events. We also specialise in boutique products with a large selection of quality, natural and original wines, craft beers, whiskeys and gins from around the world and one of Australia’s best tequila, mezcal, raicilla and sotol ranges.

Marty and the team have years of experience in the industry, catering for hundreds of weddings and events, allowing them to have an integral knowledge of beer wine and spirits from around the world, giving you exactly what you need to complement your special event. This can entail supplying some of the old favourite brands that everyone loves, right through to following the latest liquor trends around Australia and including local, high-quality products, to give your event that special Byron flavour.

We Offer:

– Delivery to your event. We can also deliver the stock cold and with ice, if needed.

– Sale and return, so you can order extra and have no risk of running out. If you don’t use it, you can return it. Conditions apply.

– Very competitive wine, beer, spirit and soft drink prices.

– Tastings to try a few products before making your final decision.

 We use a specially created document when creating your supply list, which includes a serving calculator, so you can easily see how many serves you will get for your wedding or event. This tool has a few things that can help you work out how much alcohol you might need with things like how many guests, if you would like to include a champagne toast, what food will be served, what time of year, etc.

Remember, this is your day, and we can tailor a package that is exactly what you want and that fits with your budget.

We cater to you

Remember, this is your day, and we can tailor a package that is exactly what you want & fits your budget.

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